David Jenowe. “A Rose Is a Rose Is Not a Number,” enamel and collage. 2018

Artist David Jenowe looks to chaos to create his work. His new show at B Side in Benson, Entropic Embrace, highlights a process that rearranges and modifies the medium at hand, from paint to collage, to become something at first unrecognizable but eventually significant.

 For Jenowe, taking his art apart–desconstructing and reconstructing it–elicits an opportunity to suggest new structure and meaning. Embracing the change keeps him and the audience as active viewers.

 Entropic Embrace opens May 3 with a reception from 6-11 pm and will run through May 30 at the B Side, 6054 Maple St. Jenowe will also be offering a workshop  there on Wednesday, May 15. For more information, visit bensontheatre.org.

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