Thomas Linder. "Primary Grid Screen". Basswood, fiberglass, pigment.
Thomas Linder. “Primary Grid Screen”. Basswood, fiberglass, pigment.

The Maple Street Construct waits for Thomas Linder to take residence at the Standard Oil Building. A collection of columns, windows, building materials and 55 gallon barrels of resin sit patiently.

 When Linder arrives, this collection will spring to life like the sculptural equivalent of an action painting taking form based on its architectural surroundings. All of which can be seen in his new exhibit at the Maple Street Construct, Los Angeles Sunsets and Quiet Landscapesopens May 3.

 Materials like wood and fiberglass in Linder’s installation will interact with light sources and as they combine and evolve in color and transparency. With the addition of paints and pigments, these sculptural layers continue to change. The final result will be placed in the Benson gallery space.

 By producing many formats, textures, and applications through the interaction of these materials, Linderexplores the imagery of his past in the Midwest with materials and colors of Southern California with practicality, ease and a construction mentality.

 Los Angeles Sunsets and Quiet Landscapesopens May 3 with a reception from 6-9pm and runs through June 6 at Maple Street Construct, 5912 Maple Street. For more information, visit or



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