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Readers’ Choice Best of the Big O! – Best Heating & Air Company

You never think much about your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning until the moment something goes wrong with it, but for more than 60 years, Eyman has been thinking about helping homeowners every minute of the day.

Living in Nebraska means you can experience extreme temperatures year-round. While you and your family may have a regular argument about where to set the thermostat, there’s so much more to your home’s HVAC than the simple slide of a dial.

Common HVAC Issues

If you have had to make an emergency call to have HVAC repairs done, it can be overwhelming! You’ll learn words and phrases (and maintenance steps) you’d never heard before. Some of the most common problems with HVAC systems include:

  • Strange noises
    Rattling, grinding, and squeaking. Don’t worry, maybe it’s just a ghost! But you should call and have it looked at anyway.

  • Odors
    You know your home, but it can be difficult to determine if a smell is coming from your HVAC. The most common issues that cause a smell from your unit are mold in the ductwork, and the smell of burning, which is often caused by debris getting into the system, or wires overheating. Both are very serious and require immediate attention.

  • Sudden increase in utility costs
    A very hot or very cold month will lead to increased usage and a higher bill. You know your utilities well enough to anticipate that, and you already fought with your housemates about not leaving their windows open. An unexpected 20%-30% increase, however, could be a red flag. Start with a diagnostic look on your furnace or air-conditioning unit, performed by a professional. Also, an energy audit can tell you if heat/cold is escaping from poorly sealed windows and attics.

With a complicated system of moving parts, there are a lot of big problems that need little fixes that require an expert hand. So why does Omaha choose Eyman?


Since 1957, the Eyman family has served Nebraska homes and businesses with the respect and urgency that has consistently earned them their spot on every local “Best of” list — Omaha Magazine, The Reader, Omaha World-Herald, even Angie’s List and Nextdoor.

 For four generations, the Eyman family has been welcomed into Omaha area homes and trusted by area businesses, and they humbly point their fingers to the team who stands behind the Eyman name. The trust that is earned by each tech through their prompt responses and knowledgeable service keeps them at the top of the list for repairs, services and routine maintenance.

With a deft and intuitive hand, the Eyman team can not only identify a problem in your HVAC unit, but can see down the road to potential hazards and failures, and how to identify them before they become an expensive problem. Wherever possible, Eyman will always recommend repair before replacement. Having the Eymans on your team means avoiding most surprises, while being pleasantly surprised by the level of service provided by everyone who proudly wears the name.

It’s Not for Everyone

When the Eymans are vetting a potential tech, they don’t hire just anyone with a license and bonding. They thoroughly check through their history, talk to their references, investigate their education and apprenticeship and do a background check. They are willing to work with someone who needs help finding training, and will help them continue their education, but there is one line they will never cross: If they wouldn’t invite the applicant into their mother’s house, they aren’t going to let them wear the Eyman name on their chest, or send them into the homes of their Omaha families.


There is enough to worry about when your heat has gone out during an unexpected snow storm, and you’re beyond agitated already when the air-conditioner stops working on a 96-degree summer day. By the time you’ve made the call, you would do anything for some relief, and for many unlucky home owners, that means hiring someone who is less than honest about their pricing model.

Eyman is up front about all costs associated with repair, and will make honest suggestions about potential upkeep and maintenance costs. They know that you have enough on your plate without surprise expenses thrown your way.


While Eyman offers operating hours to give their staff plenty of family and free time, they also keep members of their trusted team on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They know the feeling of dread when you’re hosting a holiday party and your system fails you with 40 people on their way to your house, and someone will answer your call no matter when that happens.

For the Eymans, Omaha’s trust is sacred. They’re looking forward to earning your vote as The Readers’ Choice Best of the Big O! for both plumbing and HVAC services for another 60+ years!

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