Don’t Fear the Reaper

Image may contain: Harvest Team with Crates of Peaches
Produce From the Heart’s Harvest Team with Recent Reapings

Produce from the Heart is hosting their annual potato harvest in O’Neill, Nebraska on Saturday, September 28. 25 more Volunteers are needed to attend the all-day event where transportation and light snacks will be provided. Event coordinators expect to harvest 6,000 pounds of potatoes from the farm, which will be distributed to hungry families throughout Lincoln communities. Email ProduceFromTheHeart@Gmail.Com to sign up.

Izmir Reopens

Image Contains meat pastry
Image from Izmir on Facebook

After flood damage resulted in the total loss of Izmir Gyro House in the spring, owners set to the arduous task of securing a new location for the Bellevue Mediterranean-themed spot. Staff announced the reopening of the establishment, and as of yesterday, Izmir’s is serving again at 1507 Galvin Road S.

Get Krabby

Image may contain: food

Krab Kingz Seafood is finally ready to overfeed you and your friends. The long-awaited establishment at 3157 Farnam is still untangling some opening kinks, training staff, and working to accommodate the demand in a relatively small space, but they’re doing it well. In spite of long lines, the service is fast and friendly, and the food is on point. Our verdict? Worth the wait.

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