Inner Rail Ready to Open

It’s been nearly one year since the official announcement of  groundbreaking on The Inner Rail, Aksarben Village’s upcoming food hall and entertainment district. The “Hospitality Driven” hall will host 10 vendors and an outdoor common area, which will allow you to stroll, sip, and socialize while enjoying craft cocktails from the Rail’s licensed establishments.

  • Alta Calidad Taqueria will offer Chef Akhtar Nawab’s take on elevated Mexican-inspired dishes. The establishment has its roots in Brooklyn, NY, and this is the third ACDT under Chef Akhtar’s belt.
  • Ela’s Creamery is named after Chef Akhtar’s Dauughter, the only thing sweeter than the Creamery’s wares. Expect a dizzying array of topping options to end your evening at Inner Rail on a sweet note.
  • Backstretch Bar will feature imported wines and beer alongside an assortment of classic and signature cocktails. While the district is non-age-discriminatory, stars like this one will ensure that your evening stays in the more mature range.
  • B Squared Burger is no L-7. Chefs Kenny Cuomo and Charles Grund are bringing basic back, in only the best way. Sticking with traditional accouterments, this burger is depending on quality ingredients and locally sourced buns from Farine+Four to tantalize your taste buds, rather than over-the-top toppings to satisfy the easily bored.
  • Briggs Bean has your java fix, and an assortment of pastries to get your grab-and-go on in the morning. Whether you’re grabbing your morning cup or fueling a night out, Cuomo has your caffeination covered.
  • Kathmandu has had its 15 minutes in Omaha, and now it’s ready to prove to be more than a flash in the pan. Locals have gone loco for the Momo, and Kathmandu is ready to feed your newfound addiction in this new location.
  • Noli has enjoyed its run as Omaha’s only legit New York style pizza, and now you’ll have two locations to get it! Their second location at Aksarben will feature a limited menu, but the restaurant’s signature Dimanzo will be there and so will we.
  • The Bahn Mi Shop has taken Omaha by storm with sandwiches ranging from simple and humble to mouthwatering and mind-blowing, all served on their specialty Bahn Mi bread you can find nowhere else. Nowhere else, that is, until now. Bahn Mi’s second location at Aksarben will serve all of your favorites in their new spot, so grab one on your way to work, or before your evening out at Aksarben.
  • Aagya’s Burmese Ramen is ready to heat things up this fall. While the temperatures may be dropping, this Ramen spot will keep Aksarben hot. The team was previously known for serving their hot noods beside Kathmandu’s Momos, but is ready for their chance to shine in their own establishment — which isn’t far from Kathmandu’s new bay, so if you can’t have one without the other, don’t worry. (Zolpidem) You won’t have to.
  • Sofra Creperie advertises a uniquely European experience, and cousins Nils and Kris expect their selections of both sweet and savory crepes to satisfy even the most fickle of cravings.

Expect the entire team to be up and running this Thursday, October 3rd. Bring your patience, as an undertaking of this side will require a bit of coordination, but hosts will be on hand to create an inviting and integrative experience for guests.

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