It's a mood. ElevenEleven open now in Benson

Your Invitation to Elevenses

It’s a mood. ElevenEleven open now in Benson

Jerry’s Bar owner Rob Rutar and Yoshitomo owner David Yoshitomo have teamed up to launch ElevenEleven, a wine bar at 6064 Maple. The Benson spot will be open Tuesdays through Sundays from 11am to, you guessed it, 11pm. In a touch appreciated by nerds and those appreciative of symmetry, (It’s me. I’m nerds who are appreciative of symmetry) the wine bar opened yesterday on 11/11. Both Yoshitomo and Rutar are masters of their craft, and we are excited to see the two pair up for this new venture.

Some Real Cool Greens

Coolgreens Grain Bowl, Coming Soon!

Three new Coolgreens locations will be opening in the Omaha area. The announcement was made back in July in a joint statement by Coolgreens CEO Robert Lee, and Joshua Vollertsen, owner of Sanus Fieri.
The chain advertises itself as “Food That Feeds Your Life”, and serves salads, wraps, grain bowls, and flatbreads with sauces and dressings made in-house daily.
The first of the new locations will be opening by year’s end at 8990 West Center Road in Loveland Center.
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Enzo’s Goes

Zurlo presented each dish and each event like a proud papa. Looking forward to what’s next

In a bittersweet statement made on the business’s Facebook page, Chef and Owner Enzo Zurlo announced that the restaurant had closed after five years. The finale took place quietly over the weekend, closing November 9th. “We appreciate all of the love we’ve received over the years, the anniversary dinners, birthday celebrations, and family dinners. We’re not done! We love each and every one of you and we will be seeing you soon.”

The food at both Enzo’s and the short-lived Zurlo’s displayed an attention to tradition that made even a casual lunch feel like a celebration. The restaurant was filled with a jovial spirit, and the family atmosphere Enzo brought to the table will be missed.
Looking forward to see what chef cooks up next! Until then, Arrivederci.

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