Sick Start, Man

With a tag touting fifty burgers and fifty beers, one would expect some growing pains from the newly opened Sickies Garage in Bellevue. With the exception of a few complaints of wait time or stilted service, reviews have been pouring in to the contrary. Having only officially opened this week, customers are impressed by the flavors, the portion sizes, and the interior of the restaurant that took the place of the defunct Summer Kitchen Café at 1203 Cornhusker Rd. For a look at the menu and a building portfolio of unbiased reviews, follow Sickies on Facebook


Sinful Competition

In light of the opening of Sickies, Sinful Burger is encouraging their clientele to give their new competition a try. They are offering a 10% discount to Sinful for anyone who brings in a receipt from Sickies. With competition just heating up, Bellevue residents can kiss their New Year’s resolutions goodbye.

Group Alert

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