Last chance for Omaha's favorite Chicago Style slices at Pudgy's

It’s the Final Countdown

Last chance for Omaha’s favorite Chicago Style slices at Pudgy’s

That was my one attempt at being lighthearted here. This is simply a reminder that Pudgy’s Pizza will permanently close after service on February 22nd. Located at 16919 Audrey, the Chicago-style pizzeria was lovingly tended by original owners Phil “Pudgy” and Beth Cerra from 2008 until Phil’s cancer battle came to an end in November of 2013. Beth carried on solo until a brief closure and handing over ownership in 2018 to Jeff Salakar.

Pudgy’s name and signature deep dish kept the spirit alive, and Salakar’s hard work at modernizing the establishment looked like a winning combination. Sadly, Salakar announced at the end of 2019 that health concerns had hindered his ability to dedicate the time he felt Pudgy’s customers deserved. After a dozen years and thousands of pizza slice magnets roaming the homes of patrons, Pudgy may not be serving slices anymore, but he’s far from gone. Stop in one more time and say goodbye to the place that loved Omaha as much as Omaha loves pizza.

The Sons Also Rise

A 2017 fire at Sons of Italy left the establishment with melted walls, flooded floors, and priceless art charred beyond recognition. In spite of several setbacks and delays, the sons are set to return this week. A lunch service will be offered on Thursday, February 13 from 10:30am to 2pm. Swing by 1238 S 10th to welcome the sons back to business in style!


We know you could hear the devastation in our print when we informed you of Ahmad’s impending closure last month. If this print sounds a little more chipper, it’s not your imagination. Ahmad Nazar is currently in early stages of relocating his signature dishes to a spot in Dundee. The Reader will follow closely… very, very closely… and bring you more information as it becomes available.

O’Malley on the Mic

You know Brian O’Malley. Whether it’s through his work with Metro’s Culinary Arts Program, our past features on him (Read them Here and Here) or through the dishes prepared by chefs he taught and mentored, O’Malley has served you on one occasion or another. Now he’s ready to serve you some gravelly insights into Omaha’s Culinary Scene. Check out O’Malley’s podcast, Open Kitchen. The inaugural episode features Chef A.J Swanda, formerly of Ugly Duck Ramen. Follow and learn by Clicking Open Kitchen

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