The aptly named 'Lil slice of Heaven' will be gone next week


New Owners Diwesh and Bisha of Nori                  Photo Credit: Inner Rail Food Hall

The Inner Rail (1911 S 67th) has called in a switch hitter for ACTQ, which has been replaced by Nori Sushi. Announced via social media on Monday, the change is taking immediate effect and Nori is already serving rice bowls, sushi rolls, salads, and sides.

Ragazzi’s to Close

The aptly named ‘Lil slice of Heaven’ will be gone next week

A second Ragazzi’s location is calling it quits. The flagship location in Ralston at 5170 S 72nd, first closed in April of 2017. Owner Jeff Daley cited a stalemate in the negotiation over the lease of the property for the initial closure. The staff at the second link in the chain at 168th and Center worked hard to maintain the level of hospitality that made Ragazzi’s a Ralston favorite. In spite of its unique recipe and loyal following, the seven year Ragazzi reign will end on February 29th with the Center street closure. Be sure to use your leap day wisely and stop in to say goodbye.

WD Cravings

March 8th will mark the grand opening of WD Cravings. The American Patisserie at 7110 N 102nd will serve French pastries, breakfast, brunch, and coffee. The patience and elegance of even their simplest dish are enough to slow a diner down and enforce a little food appreciation, whether you like it or not. Owners Wendy Delgado and Piero Cotrina are offering their years of experience, high-quality ingredients, and sophisticated dishes and pastries in exchange for your waistline. You’re basically robbing them blind, so stop out and support these Omaha artisans and marvel at their feats of chocolate mastery.

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