Friday, April 10

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Today we have stories about Gov. Ricketts quasi stay-at-home order, State Sen. Tony Vargas sharing his family’s struggle with Covid-19 and the status of the $600 the federal government promised to add to unemployment benefits.

Your top local stories

Ricketts asks Nebraskans to stay at home for 21 days as state heads toward Covid-19 peak.

  • The not-quite stay-at-home order included six other rules, none of which carry penalties for non-compliance.
    • Observe social distancing at work;
    • Shop alone and only once a week;
    • Help children observe social distancing by playing at home and staying away from group sports and playgrounds;
    • Help older Nebraskans by shopping for them and staying away from nursing homes and;
    • Exercise at home or in an appropriately socially distanced activity.
In Omaha
  • State Sen. Tony Vargas, who represents District 1 in East Omaha, shared that both his parents tested positive for coronavirus and that his father has spent the last 10 days in critical care with a ventilator. Vargas hoped hearing his personal story would motivate Nebraskans to limit spread.
  • After a week of cloudless skies and warmer temperatures, snow and rain this weekend.
  • Blair Police will investigate a senior living facility which experienced an outbreak of Covid-19. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services’ own investigation said the facility responded appropriately.
  • Tomorrow from 10 a.m. to noon characters from the Omaha Children’s Museum and Rose Theater will line up from 20th and Farnam streets southward. There people can enjoy a sort of socially distanced parade in reverse as characters wave to cars as they pass.
  • Bellevue Police investigated a gym in Bellevue for staying open and found its following guidelines on social distancing. Gyms are not forced to close under any health mandates.
Around the State

What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine

Keep Omaha Beautiful Spring Cleanups!

Though for now there’s a kabash on group activities, individuals (like YOU!) can still contribute towards the collective goal of making Omaha a safer, healthier, and more beautiful place. Cleaning up litter around your neighborhood is easy to do while still practicing safe social distancing. Explore your neighborhood in a new way! Check out the Keep Omaha Beautiful webpage for tips to get started.

What’s happening in the United States?

  • New York will receive increased checks next week. Other states have not released timelines following the release of federal guidelines last weekend.
  • Some are letting unease of robots take the backseat as they automate processes humans can no longer do amid the spread of coronavirus.
  • The state has about a third of surrounding midwesterners including Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
  • With drops in sales tax, budgets across the nation will take a big hit with some unsure if federal aid will fill the gap.
  • Unable to practice social distancing, incarcerated people across the nation are “sitting ducks” and need help.

What’s happening across the world?

Spain, hit hard by Covid-19, is starting to let up its lockdown

  • Some non-essential workers are returning to their jobs. The country’s lockdown is still in place but the government has eased some of its tighter restrictions.

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