A screenshot of the IRS's new "Get My Payment" web tool.
A screenshot of the IRS’s new “Get My Payment” web tool.

The day finally came for many Americans.

Less than three weeks after Congress passed its largest stimulus package in history, citizens across the United States woke up to new deposits in their bank account Wednesday morning.

Individuals who made under $75,0000 annually, should have received $1,200. Couples who filed their taxes jointly and made below $150,000 should have received $2,400. An additional $500 is awarded for each dependent you claimed. Totals decrease if your annual income exceeds those sums.

The checks are not available to anyone who’s claimed as a dependent or to those without social security numbers.

Those who don’t normally file tax returns should use the Internal Revenue Service’s web tool released last week. This will ask for some identification as well as banking information.

If you did not receive your check, you can check its status through the Internal Revenue Service’s “Get My Payment.” This web tool says when your payment was or will be deposited as well as the last four digits of the bank account it has on file.

Each person will also receive a letter about the payment within the next 15 days with information about how the payment was made and how you can report a failed payment. Printed checks are expected to be mailed in the coming weeks for those who have not provided banking information.

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