Gladys Harrison

Thursday, May 7

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Filling Ernie’s Shoes And A Moment for North Omaha

As seven people vie for the spot as District 11’s state senator, voters will make the ultimate decision on their community’s direction.

Gladys Harrison

Interview: Gladys Harrison

Gladys Harrison, a candidate for Nebraska’s 2nd District, wants “real people” to have a seat at the table and she says everyone needs to feel the sting.

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Good morning,
Today we have stories about COVID-19 vaccine trials starting in Omaha, the race to contain the virus by adding more contract tracers and how a UNMC model will help officials plan reopenings around specific data.

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What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine:

Artist Relief
Amplify Arts is asking for community support so they can continue ramping up distributions of micro grant awards to those artists who need funding. They are also working with Mid-America Arts Alliance to develop a survey to better understand how far this impact reaches.

What’s happening in the United States?

Some States See 25% Unemployment as Rates Increase

Most States Not Meeting White House Reopening Guidelines

  • Many states reopening do not have a “downward trajectory” in cases suggested by the White House in its reopening guidelines. However, those guidelines are ultimately non-binding and governors have made their own decisions.

As Nation Suffers, Trump Says Time to Move On

  • As he winds down his pandemic response team, the president has turned his focus to economic recovery. However, experts say we’re still far from over the coronavirus.

A Tale of Two Cities: Lockdown and Denial

  • In New Mexico, two mayors in nearby cities had wildly different takes on how to approach the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s happening across the world?

Disrupting Natural World Will Lead to New Pandemics, Scientists Say

  • As new research points to bats as the likely original carrier of COVID-19, scientists say deforestation and other habitat destruction will push these animals into closer contact with humans. Once that happens, disease can spread more quickly.

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