Friday, May 15

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Today we have stories about glimmers of hope in Grand Island as the rate of new cases falls, an outbreak at a senior care facility in Elkhorn and new CDC guidelines to help businesses as well as public institutions to reopen.

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What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine:

Watch and Rank All The Physical Copies of Movies in Your Home

You bought hard copies of movies for a reason: What better time than a pandemic to organize your own film festival?

What’s Happening In The United States?

Huge Losses For Hospitals May Force Some To Close

  • With surgeries and in-person visits on hold, hospitals are facing huge budgetary shortfalls that may leave some communities with less health care access.

CDC Issues General Reopening Guidelines

  • After an initial draft of reopening guidelines was deemed “too prescriptive” by the White House, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a guide that includes many general tips, such as not violating local laws, to help institutions make reopening decisions.

Poll: Majority of Those Still Working Fear Infecting Their Families

  • As millions continue working while even more prep to return to work as states begin to reopen, a Washington Post poll of 8,000 people found about 60% worry they’ll get their families sick.

Legal Minefield Ahead for Any Business Reopening

  • If cases increase after businesses reopen, culpability for those new infections will prompt questions many civil courts will likely have to consider.

What’s Happening Across The World?

Centenarian Raises $40 million for England’s National Health Service

  • The British public boosted 100-year-old World War II veteran Tom Moore, nicknamed Captain Tom, into superstardom for his effort to raise money for the country’s health care system. The country watched as Moore did laps around an 82-foot brick patio in his quiet village home north of London, raising millions with every extension of his walker.

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*Correction: This article incorrectly stated That Good Samaritan in Millard would shut down following a COVID-19 outbreak.

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