Artful Dodger Janet Farber

I love art, but I’m not an artist. One of the reasons I became fascinated with art—modern and contemporary in particular—is that the best artists are able to express themselves in varied and fascinating ways that I may be incapable of achieving, but am able to comprehend and appreciate. And I enjoy by extension, through writing and curating, to help others to do so.

The act of creating that helps me get through this time is knitting. I did a variety of needlecrafts as a child, but not as an adult until about 5 years ago when I suddenly and against my own expectations became a serious knitter. It appeals to my creative side and utilizes both sides of my brain. It is as mathematical as it is artful, often involving thoughtful—and frustrating—problem solving. Its ritual repetitions are therapeutic and engaging, and the result is (hopefully) satisfying. It can be as challenging as you’d care to make it.

 Knitting is something to be done alone or in a social group, in person or online. It’s an activity that can bond friends as well as total strangers. In these terrible times, it’s a tremendous diversion—if I’m able, I’d much rather stay awake at night sorting through the complexities of a pattern than worrying obsessively about the dreaded enemy at our door. You might say it keeps me from unraveling.



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