Dan Crane, "Pond," thinned acrylic on raw canvas
Dan Crane, “Pond,” thinned acrylic on raw canvas

Launched in a now-prescient time before art became a largely online experience, Ghost Art Project has been featuring digital exhibitions since spring of 2018, mixing familiar Omaha artists with those from beyond Metro’s borders.

The newest curated confab to launch on Friday, June 5 is Substance, which features Omaha artist Dan Crane, LA sculptor Sasha Fishman and the trio known as Everything is Collective. Typically, GAP exhibitions showcase a mixture of finished work and the “creative process” best captured through candids of the artist’s studio.

Crane’s endeavors have always worked at the intersection of art, commerce and consumerism, often heavy with elements of nostalgia and farce. Anticipate his current work to add a zinging satire and colorful smile to the current situation.

Fishman describes herself as a fan of clear plastics and resin to create transparent frameworks for embedded objects, but has also been experimenting with biomaterials to replace the toxic and problematic environmental consequences of her favorite items. Dualities of synthetic and natural, the preserved and the decaying is a key in her sculpture.

Everything is Collective is the trans-national trio Jason Lukas (Chicago), Zachary Norman (Salt Lake City), and Aaron Heger (Texas). Their medium is digital photography, a platform that allows them to share, manipulate and reinvent an image from one marked by its creator’s singular point of view into many with limitless visual, conceptual or narrative structures. Their series of exchanged and transformed images usually are incorporated into books.

Visit Substance at the Ghost Art Project at https://ghostartproject.com/exhibition. All previous exhibitions are archived there as well.

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