"We're tired and we're frustrated and we are demanding change," said Tamika Mease at a June 2.

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“We’re Tired and We’re Frustrated and We Are Demanding Change.”

The Omaha City Council approved extending Omaha’s state of emergency and recognized reckless policing killed George Floyd. The council also heard public comment about a hate intimidation ordinance. And while the public approved of those actions, they said more’s still needed.

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Today we have stories about an emotionally charged Omaha City Council meeting, the fifth night of protests ending peacefully in the city and the potential for a grand jury investigation into the death of James Scurlock.

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In Omaha

Around the State

  • Sen. Ben Sasse has stirred controversy again, this time in his own party, as he criticized President Donald Trump for using the Bible as a prop in a photo op.
  • After mass testing at a Tyson plant in Council Bluffs, 224 cases of COVID-19 have emerged among workers there.
  • Referred to as controversial, divisive and openly racist, Rep. Steve King, of Iowa, lost his bid to seek re-election last night in Iowa’s primary.

What to do during quarantine?

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Online Music Programming
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What’s Happening In The United States?

As Protests Draw Crowds, Worries of COVID-19 Resurgence 

  • After months inside, people are now packing shoulder-to-shoulder in public protests. Many aren’t sure how the virus will spread under these conditions and the delayed onset of symptoms means it’s a waiting game to see how bad it resurges.

Minneapolis Police Use Force 7 Times More on Black People

  • Nearly 60% of the time, if a Minneapolis police officer shoved, tasered or muscled someone down, they were black, according to the city’s own data. The instances mean black people in the city experience police using force seven times more than white people.

“This is What Happens in Countries before a Collapse.”

  • Former and current CIA analysts who monitor social unraveling in countries abroad say the United States is displaying frightening parallels.

48 Minutes in Washington: An Oral History of Trump’s Photo Op

  • The Washington Post provides an oral history of what actually happened to lead to Trump’s now infamous photo op outside a downtown Washington, D.C. church moments after law enforcement cleared protesters away with tear gas.

What’s Happening Across The World?

Sweden, Which Did Not Lock down, “Should Have Done More”

  • The country stood out as one of the few that did not impose restrictions on its citizens as the pandemic spread. Now its chief epidemiologist said they should have explored other options.

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