As local media navigate a new environment, your support is critical. We need to pay writers, so you can read even more. We won’t waste your time.  Our news will focus, as it always has, on the stories other media miss and a cultural community — from arts to foods to local independent business — that defines us.

 We’ve added a new membership program and we’re very excited at the folks stepping up to support their locally-owned newspaper. Please support your locally-owned news media by becoming a member today. You can do it monthly, or take the plunge with an annual membership. Starting for as little as $5 a month, we invite you to become a member, give a gift a membership or to add us to your holiday wish list.

If a newspaper can be monthly, that’s us. We’ve always been the alternative here. Thank you to our readers and clients for helping us survive in these challenging times.

Lead Reporter Chris Bowling
Associate Publisher Karlha Velãsquez

On that same note, there’s some changes we’ve been implementing we hope are meeting with your approval. For now are keeping our sister publications The Reader and El Perico combined in one print edition. Second, we’ve exploded our ongoing news coverage and curation with the help of lead reporter Chris Bowling and associate publisher Karlha Velàsquez. When stay-at-home orders started, they ramped up their reporting to tackle COVID. We’re extremely proud of what they’ve started and we’re very excited to see their progress as they warm up.

You can see their work everyday when we took the weekly Reed Moore email newsletter daily. Reed wants you to read more. Sign-up at

 Finally,  You’ll notice some new features in this issue. With cultural coverage reduced for now, we’re returning to some our newspaper roots by bringing back crosswords and funnies and adding announcements and in memoriams. We hope you enjoy settling in on the couch to puzzle away and hope Doonesbury, Jen Sorenson and Ted Rall bring a wry smile to your lips.

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