Dandelion Returns

Chef Drew Statz from Monarch Prime is kicking off Dandelion season this Friday, July 17th at 11am. All sanitation precautions have been taken, social distancing protocols will be observed, and boozy concoctions will be available in approved to-go containers. For a sneak peak at menu items, and to stay informed of upcoming guest chefs, follow Dandelion on Facebook

The Rude Shrimp Takes a Break

The Rude Shrimp will be taking a brief hiatus Thursday through Saturday as a precaution after a staff member tested positive for Covid-19. The staff member was in contact with other staff on July 9th, and all other staff members are being tested at this time. The Rude Shrimp team is deep cleaning the facility while waiting for test results and will reopen once all members are cleared. Follow The Rude Shrimp

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