All art work by Christian Gauthier.
All art work by Christian Gauthier.

Being a full time artist was enough of a struggle a year ago for Christian Gauthier. Thanks to COVID-19, it’s gotten more challenging…and interesting.

Gauthier is meeting that challenge this Friday, September 11, at Project Project with an exhibit whose title and tone really says it all in response to the hand fate has dealt this Lincoln artist.

Life is Too Short and Sad to Wait for an Acceptable Excuse to Draw Shitty Boats features new works by Gauthier “whose brand of primitive punk visuals contains an energy that is matched by his prolific output of work” according to the exhibit statement.

Christian Gauthier

His attitude and tone can be traced back to last October when The Daily Nebraskan interviewed this former UNl art student in the middle of his Parrish Studios, located above Duffy’s Tavern on 14th and O. For the rather reclusive Gauthier, creating art can be a painful, but rewarding experience.

“I only get down to actually working when the pain of not working exceeds the pain of working,” Gauthier told writer Haley Elder. “It’s one of the things that I love most in the world, but it’s also one of the most painful, exhausting and depressing things I could possibly think of.”

Though self-isolated and working the wee hours of the morning, Gauthier’s studio is a frequent stop during Lincoln’s First Friday, as his fan base has come to appreciate his unusual paintings and media, as well as his comedic shirts which can be seen on his Instagram account.

Christian Gauthier

His primary media are oil paint, charcoal and oil pastel. Christian’s focus in recent years has been the human figure, but his darkly comedic POV extends beyond the obvious as this exhibit’s title suggests. Has COVID-19 stymied the artist or has it too become his muse? Project Project’s opening Friday night reveals all.

As always, the venue receptions are free and open to the public currently with coronavirus caveat: All guests are required to wear proper face covering and practice social distancing. Attendance will be limited to 8 guests in the space at a time.

 Life is Too Short and Sad to Wait for an Acceptable Excuse to Draw Shitty Boats opens at Project  1818 Vinton Street, Friday, September 11, 6-10 p.m.
Viewings by appointment September 12 – October 3. For more details email:




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