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 One feature of life in Nebraska is weather at both extremes. During the hot summer months, it’s necessary to have air conditioning that is working up to standards. In the wintertime, a reliable heating system provides a nice, toasty home to return to after work.

 When your air conditioning or heating malfunctions, turn to the professionals to make it right. For over 60 years, Eyman Plumbing, Heating and Air has been the HVAC service that Omahans can trust to offer fair prices and dependable maintenance of commercial, industrial and residential units.

 Eyman brings peace of mind

Your comfort is important to the Eyman team. Whether you’re seeking an HVAC replacement or general maintenance, they have the tools to get the job done right. When you trust Eyman with your HVAC needs, you receive same-day and 24-hour emergency service on all makes and models of Eyman’s high-quality units.

Now more than ever, it’s vital to have a functioning air conditioning or heating unit to help you stay safe and healthy. To keep the air around you clean, Eyman offers custom air filtration and climate control systems that meet your specific needs. The professionals at Eyman can design, install and service units to ensure healthy air flow throughout your building or home.

Whether you want to update or replace your HVAC unit, Eyman provides expert service and installation of air ducts, air handlers, exhaust and supply fans. The team also offers energy-efficient options. When you turn to Eyman, you can rely on trained professionals to respect your needs, understand the latest HVAC technologies and provide the expertise to keep your household running smoothly.

Ensure your home’s environment is fresh and healthy, with the help of Eyman’s expertise.

There is no substitute for quality equipment and craftsmanship. The team offers the Eyman Guarantee on all services, from air filtration to heating repair. Your time is important, and the experts at Eyman always strive to keep the lines of communication clear and functioning, just like your HVAC unit. When you choose Eyman, you can always get the answers to your questions from knowledgeable, reliable staff.

Tips for HVAC Maintenance

Modern air conditioners use 30 to 50 percent less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners from the 1970s, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. If you’re looking to save energy, replace your old HVAC equipment or repair your existing one, Eyman has some tips to keep your unit clean and better filter the air around you:

  • Replace your air filter regularly. To maintain optimal air quality, you should change your filter every three months. By doing so, you can protect your HVAC unit from damage and clogging from contaminants such as dirt, dust and pet dander.

  • Clean the air ducts around your home. Contaminants in your HVAC system re-circulate five to seven times a day, according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). To prevent mold and other damage, NADCA suggests you clean your ducts every three to five years.

  • Make sure the area around your HVAC unit is clean. If your unit is outside, clear away any dirt, grass, leaves and other debris that could clog the equipment. By keeping pollutants away from your air conditioning system, you can increase its lifespan and help keep your household healthy.

  • Schedule regular HVAC maintenance. Dirty air ducts will likely cause problems down the line if you don’t have a professional check them out.

Whether it’s your office or household, you want to keep the airflow pure and free from any toxins that cause odors in your environment. The professionals at Eyman have the expertise to replace any outdated systems and maintain air quality so you don’t have to worry about the health of your home.

Eyman clears the air

No matter your HVAC needs, Eyman gets the job done with modern technology that can accurately assess your air filtration, energy usage and the cleanliness of your ducts. The commercial HVAC professionals at Eyman can repair and install any airflow system to keep the toxins out of your building, saving you time and money in the long run. 

If your heating or air conditioning is outdated or in need of repair, Eyman will fix or replace your unit to ensure you have a proper air purification system. For the peace of mind, comfort and health of your household, you can depend on a team that will treat you like family while ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

As you troubleshoot your HVAC problems, look no further than Eyman to provide you with trustworthy, expert service. It’s no wonder Eyman has consistently earned top awards from the Omaha World-Herald, Omaha Magazine, The Reader and other publications. With Eyman, quality results from Omaha’s HVAC experts are only one call away:  (402) 731-2727.





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