For the full interview (recorded 9/25/20), listen to Mind and Soul in the Morning.

Our elders have put in the work and now the next generation needs to step up and be heard, said the state legislative candidate Terrell McKinney in an interview with Mind and Soul in the Morning on Sept. 25. 

McKinney, the father of a nine year old daughter and a community organizer, is running to represent District 11 in North Omaha. Ernie Chambers currently holds the position but is barred from running for re-election due to term limits. Fred Conley, a 72-year old former member of Omaha City Council, is running against McKinney. (

“Fred has had years of experience and has helped by doing what he can for our community, but it’s time for a change in a new direction,” McKinney said, “Because obviously when you look at the community, we have to try something new.”

McKinney focused on changes he would bring to the criminal justice system by breaking down mandatory minimums for sentencing and the rehabilitation process for convicted criminals. Although he has many ideas for criminal justice reform, if elected McKinney plans to prioritize economic equity over all else. 

“We don’t build our community by trying to recruit huge firms to come inside in North Omaha.” McKinney said, “We build it by building up our community, our entrepreneurs, and our businesses.”

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