For the full interview (recorded 9/25/20), listen to Mind and Soul in the Morning.

Being a teacher taught me everything I needed to know about running a campaign: how to organize, talk to people and be authentic, State Senator Tony Vargas said in an interview on Sept. 25 with Mind and Soul in the Morning. 

Since 2016, Vargas has represented District 7 which encompasses downtown South Omaha. He is campaigning for re-election for the minority-majority district against Jorge Somolongo, a political novice.

Growing up as a child of immigrants, being a first-generation college graduate, and spending years as an educator, Vargas believes he has a unique ability to understand the needs of his constituents. He highlighted legislation he passed that brought federal funding to healthcare centers like OneWorld, increased funding for low-income college students, and criminal justice reform. (

“Elected officials don’t have all the answers, but they best sure be listening to people that are willing to work on a solution,” Vargas said.

In his most recent legislative session, Vargas worked to pass COVID-19 safety regulations to help the disproportionately affected the Hispanic population in the state. 

“Our communities are not broken, but our communities do need support to help them and help all the people in a community,” Vargas said, “That’s a really important thing that I try to work on, and I’m going to continue to work on.”

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