For the full interview (recorded 9/24/20), listen to Mind and Soul in the Morning.

As Omaha grows, we need to make sure South Omaha grows with it, Legislative Candidate Jorge Sotolongo said in an interview on Sept. 24 with Mind and Soul in the Morning.

Sotolongo is running against the incumbent Senator Tony Vargas to represent Legislative District 7 in Omaha. As a commercial real estate agent anchored in South Omaha, Sotolongo focused his platform on elevating the small businesses and careers of the families he hopes to represent. 

“This area is where I want to be. I have a shared culture with the demographic down here. I see so much potential.” Sotolongo said, “I wanted to be a part of its future.”

Although he respects Vargas as the state’s first Hispanic legislature, Sotolongo feels his business experience and political freshness make him the better representative for South Omaha.  Unlike Vargas, he will not alienate the pro-life and religious community in the district, Sotolongo said. However, Vargas’ campaign platform does not mention his opinion on reproductive rights. 

“In my opinion, on Nov. 3, the decision is pretty simple. Either you want somebody that is more focused on what donors are thinking and telling them to do,” Sotolongo said, “Or you want somebody focused on being a conduit for District 7’s constituents.”

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