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You’re talking about someone who has been there, seen it, been tested and has proven that he puts the American people first, said Ashley Etienne, senior advisor to the Biden presidential campaign in an interview on Mind and Soul in the Morning.

Etienne served as a special assistant to the president and director of communications for the U.S. cabinet under President Barack Obama. Now she is serving as a senior advisor of strategic planning for Joe Biden, a candidate she says America won’t have to take a chance on.

When asked about how a Biden presidency would help predominantly black communities like North Omaha, Etienne listed three goals of the former vice president she believes are critical; A $100 billion investment into low interest loans for small, minority owned businesses, a $15,000 tax credit for first time homeowners and the elimination of student debt for individuals making under $125,000.

“This is the person who I think has the ability, the character and the proven leadership to bring us back together as a country,” said Etienne, “And not just back together but then bring us together to get out of this mess.”

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