For the full interview (recorded 10/16/20), listen to Mind and Soul in the Morning.

Tens of millions of people have already voted because they are sick and tired of this lack of leadership, said Doug Emhoff, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s husband, in an interview on Oct. 16 with Mind and Soul in the Morning.

In support of his wife’s candidacy alongside Joe Biden, Emhoff has been making appearances across the country including a stop in Nebraska. 

“We are running a campaign with masks, social distancing, commitment to science and commitment to keeping our own folks safe and people who come to our events safe” said Emhoff.

The democratic presidential ticket is working to propel a large-enough voter turnout to prevent President Trump from having any chance to refute election results, he explained. Emhoff encourages people to get out and vote early, but is not worried about potentially delayed election results.

“Trump just doesn’t care, he cares about himself and that’s it,” said Emhoff, “Joe and Kamala have empathy, they care, they’ve got the experience and it’s going to be a full 180.”


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