Boost Crew Target

Keep Local Alive – Omaha has announced this week’s Boost Crew location, and you’re going to love it. In fact, Omahans have been loving it since 1980. Don Carmelo’s was responsible for introducing Omaha to the concept of New York Style pizza, and has enjoyed thriving locally for forty years. This year, however, has been as hard as the previous 39 had been prosperous. Not only has the establishment suffered under the weight of the pandemic, but has had to struggle on after the May 24th loss of Owner, Co-Founder, and father Tony Magistro to esophageal cancer.

The family could use your support, and KLA has suggestions for how to help!

  • Place an order. Both locations are open for curbside pickup, carryout, delivery, and dine-in Tuesday through Sunday.
  • Leave a review. Feedback, whether on the restaurant’s Facebook Page or on Yelp boost the restaurant’s signal, helping them show up to other interested diners.
  • Invite your friends. Use the event page on Facebook to spread the word and help create an exceptional week for the restaurant.
  • Buy gift cards. Does your weekly meal plan not include pizza? First, we think you should reevaluate your menu planning. Second, grab a gift card for when you have a pizza night in your calorie budget, or send them along to a friend with an upcoming birthday. Valentines day is next month, grab a few. The honeys love pizza.
  • Check back for the next boost crew target! KLA chooses a new establishment in need of a boost each week.

Rockbrook Village
10821 Prairie Brook Road
Closed Mondays
Tuesday-Saturday 11-2 and 4-8
Sundays 3-8

1024 N 204th Ave
Closed Mondays
Tuesday and Wednesday 4-8
Thursday-Saturday 11-2 and 4-8
Sunday 3-8

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