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The 20 Best Albums
Released by Women in 2020

This far-from-all-inclusive list represents just 20 standouts from the past year, ranked in (very) rough order according to their places on other year-end lists as well as my preferences. On these albums, artists blend genres, take risks and salute previous generations of powerful female musicians who paved the way.

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Good Afternoon,
Today we have stories about Omaha declaring a snow emergency, a proposed rule change to Omaha City Council meetings and Nebraska possibly getting two more state senators

Around Omaha

  • Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert announced Monday morning that the city would be issuing a snow emergency.
  • The Nebraska Supreme Court is allowing a lawsuit to continue against an Omaha natural-gas utility for a 2016 fire.
  • Councilman Pete Festersen proposed a rule change that would make permanent the public’s ability to comment on city business via Zoom.

Around Nebraska

  • Population shifts in Nebraska are making it likely that the state’s metropolitan areas will gain two more state senators.
  • Nebraska residents who are younger than 65 years old and considered healthy may have to wait four more months to get the coronavirus vaccine.

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Rock Out at The Durham Museum

Besides The Durham’s ongoing exhibits, “Guitar: The Instrument that Rocked the World” is scheduled to run Feb. 6 – April 25.

Explore the history of the world’s most recognized musical instrument, experience diverse genres of music and discover the science of pitch and tone. Crossing cultural boundaries, the guitar has made a significant impact on a wide variety of groups from gypsies to cowboys to teenage rebels.

See more than 60 guitars and nearly 100 historical artifacts that immerse you in the heart of music. Experience the rush of the instrument through the powerful lens of science. You, too, can play a Guinness World Record, 43.5-foot-long guitar. Discover how the selection of materials and strings, fused with electromagnetism and amplification, create an elaborate device that has revolutionized music.

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