Photo credit: Jack Ryan, “Progeny”, 2021 graphite and pen on paper.

The new artist-run venue Baader Meinhof continues to develop its program, offering Coagulation, an exhibition of its inaugural artist-in-residence, Jack Ryan, with an opening scheduled for Friday, March 26.

The gallery describes its residency program as a key component of its overall “mission to engage local art communities with those abroad.” To that end, they have founded a room and board residency to expand their ability to present diverse programming, particularly focused on international artists, curators and writers.

Ryan is an emerging talent from New York City and this will be his first exhibition in the area. His pen and graphite drawings will be the main feature of the show, in which a mélange of detailed figures, objects, symbols and gestural marks suggest a kind of theater within the space of a perspectival grid. 

The artist explains that “the drawings are a personal artifact where I attempt to grasp the relationship between the physical world of being in space and the events and cultural elements that would appear as certain as that world itself.”

Additionally, Ryan will create a sculptural vignette reminiscent of an architectural model, whose forms and objects create a push-pull between an understanding of them as representing actual or imaginary spaces.

Jack Ryan: Coagulation opens on Friday, March 26 and continues through April 30 at Baader Meinhof, 1322 S. 6th Street. After the opening reception, interested visitors need to request an appointment by emailing Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday from 12-6pm.

-Janet L. Farber

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