Moving during the warmest part of the year can be a challenging yet worthwhile experience, a new beginning for renters and homeowners alike. But if one is ill-prepared for this moderately long process, they are likely to face several challenges.

This guide suggests that the moving process can occur within eight weeks. No matter how close or how far you are moving, you’ve got a lot to do, and thankfully, plenty of time and mostly-beautiful eastern Nebraskan weather.

wood walkway in park
If you must stroll through nature to clear your mind at any point, so be it – moving can be a mental strain.

Week One: Seeds of Mental Preparation

The first week of the eight-week process involves starting several larger tasks to cement your move. Searching for a home has been stressful. At this point, you are far enough away from your move date that it may seem increasingly appetizing to procrastinate; however, this could be fatal in the long term.

Additionally, during the first week, decide if you will move alone or with a moving service. To hire movers properly, examine your budget, how far away you are moving, and the available moving company options carefully.

Next, it is recommended you visit the area you wish to move to, not only to ensure you will enjoy the change of scenery but also to get an idea of the expenses. If you require a roommate, it will also be good to secure that ahead of time – especially for a new location.

If you have children, you may want to openly discuss the move, as it could help both of you during this transition. If you haven’t already, you will also want to research schooling options at this time.

anique telephone
Finding moving companies in your area used to require a physical phone book.

Week Two: Making the First Move

The second week involves taking the first steps towards actualizing your move to a new home. The tasks that you have identified last week are becoming more of a reality – just like the state primary – and therefore staying consistently organized is crucial to ensure an overall successful and otherwise pleasant outcome.

By now, you will have ideally found multiple moving companies to contact for quotes, in-person inspections, and about whether estimates are binding or non-binding. Or, if you are moving the old-fashioned way, you will want to secure some friends who can help you carry the load when the move-in day rolls around.

Additionally, if you are planning a DIY move, you will want to book a rental moving vehicle now, in advance, as well as a storage unit if necessary. Plus, make sure you have any other helpful tools, from tape to straps. The less you have to fumble around, the faster packing and moving altogether will be.

Fragile and sustainable boxes
May through September is considered peak moving season.

Week Three: Three Steps Closer

Now that you have picked a moving company, you must schedule their services. Remember you are moving during peak season – an expensive season. Moving on a weekend will likely lead to even more costs.

Whether you are planning a DIY move or utilizing a moving company, you will now need to ascertain several boxes – perhaps a combination of newspaper and bubble wrap as well. It might be an intelligent move to take inventory of everything you will be packing to estimate the number of supplies you will require. Re-use boxes and other packing supplies whenever possible.

Next, you may require a new insurance plan for the move. However, that depends on how far away your new destination awaits you, as well as your current health insurance coverage. Now would be an excellent time to call and find out. But if you are moving for work, you likely don’t have to worry about this.

Food pantry
Always donate food if you can, especially in the face of waste.

Week Four: Eliminate the Excess

Now that you are five weeks out from moving, it is time to temper your eating desires and consume the lovely leftovers in your fridge, as well as any other spare items that have made a vacancy in your pantry. Otherwise, you can donate that food at a drop-off location for Food Bank for the Heartland – as many families are living in need.

Next, begin to gather and group all your non-essential belongings – anything from extra clothes to electronics. You can also eliminate the excess items weighing you down, especially furniture, in several ways: by utilizing the old-fashioned route and organizing a thoughtful garage sale, by selling on the Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, or by donating to welcoming thrift stores.

Further, if you are moving appliances such as washer and dryer units and don’t know how to disconnect them properly, it is recommended you call a professional to do so. Breaking your valuables is not the goal here.

Dog in a moving box
Pets are a big help with packing.

Week Five: Packing and Hacking

The fifth week is for beginning your systematic packing procedure. Now, with your non-essential belongings gathered and grouped, they should prove easier to pack.

However, just because something is non-essential does not mean it is inexpensive or invincible. So, handle and pack these expensive and fragile items with caution. Wrap them properly and label their boxed homes legibly and sensibly.

It’s also important to remember you cannot move with or mindlessly dispose of any dangerous items. Visit a designated drop-off facility if you have fire extinguishers, paints, or loaded guns – to name a few – to get rid of those safely before the big day.

Lastly, if you plan to drive your vehicle out of state for your move, you should service it beforehand to ensure you make the trip safely and as scheduled. Scheduling a quick check with your repair shop of choice now could mean avoiding a preventable and potentially dreadful mistake later.

post it notes neatly arranged on a wall
Sticky notes on the wall may be overdoing it depending on your note-taking abilities.

Week Six: Remember to Not Forget

The moving date nears. With less than one month from your move, you have probably realized by now that you must address the issue of your incoming mail. Fortunately, the United States Post Office makes it easy to schedule the switch online. They will forward your mail to your new destination worry-free.

What’s more, if you have any regular service providers, say, for a landscaping service, you should thank them and inform them that you will no longer be needing their services.

Note if you haven’t told your friends and family that you’re moving, you might want to do that now, too. But if you’re going for the element of surprise, then, by all means, use discretion.

Finally, if you have children, you may want to schedule a babysitter for the moving day. You don’t need to be worried about more than you can handle, especially during such a big day.

Man signing a document
You deserve a real day off, but alas, moving day is upon you.

Week Seven: A Day Off

Note two weeks out from the moving day is the latest one should request a day off from their employer. Unfortunately, not all workers can swing a day off like that, in which case, they will need to plan for a friend or loved one to meet with any moving assistants involved.

Additionally, you will require access to your medical records and prescriptions where you’re going, so you must begin the transfer process of those items. Say farewell to your health professionals and ask for their expert recommendations; they will point you in a solid direction and ensure that your sensitive information is forwarded accordingly.

Further, if you have successfully sold furniture you either cannot afford to move or cannot stomach any longer, you may want to start thinking about what you will be needing. Locate furniture and thrift stores in your soon-to-be area and make your soon-to-be life easier – and more comfortable.

Gloved hand holding a cleaning bottle
Cleaning can be fun, contrary to popular belief. Procrastinating cleaning? Not so much.

Week Eight: The Dreaded Clean

Regardless if you are the kind of person who could potentially get their security deposit back or not, you should clean your home before you move. That is the best chance to get that deposit, plus it will prevent any unnecessary charges for damages or cleaning from your landlord.

Further, cleaning can take multiple days depending on the condition of your home – not a statement packed with judgment, but with care. Stock up on soap and other cleaning supplies, grab a friend or two if you have them, and make the cleaning as fun and productive as possible and crank the tunes!

Next, you must pack the first half of your essentials, such as your kitchenware. Naturally, you will want to make sure they are all washed and dried beforehand.

Lastly, you will likely want to have your landlord inspect the home during this period to ensure you both agree on the condition in which you are leaving it. Plus, it’s easier to resolve disagreements and conduct negotiations face-to-face rather than over the phone.

Moving boxes on truck lift
Your belongings will be safe if you take extra care tomorrow. Get a good night’s rest and don’t worry.

The Last Day

The love you show your community is important. That becomes more apparent as you prepare to move on.

By the time that you have reached the last day, your head may be swimming from everything you feel like you must remember – or at least that’s how you may feel right now, imagining. Fortunately, the more that you have accomplished during these last eight weeks, the less you’ve got to worry about today.

So, the last day should consist entirely of the few last-minute tasks you must complete, such as packing your suitcases and the last half of your essential items. Pack anything else you might need for the move as well, like trash bags or gloves, as these could be useful on the road and for unloading.

Lastly, if you have not informed your neighbors that both of you are about to have some new neighbors very soon, you should do so now. That will give them time to make spare room for parking if necessary and let them know they may be seeing unfamiliar faces around the neighborhood.

Man carrying a moving box into his new apartment
Finding a solid moving company will make your big day much easier. Don’t forget to tip!

The Big Day

You’ve made it! The big day is upon you. You can congratulate yourself, but you must nevertheless be prepared to put in some hard work.

What better way to do so than to pack plenty of water bottles for you and your group? Moving is, after all, an entirely strenuous process, and depending on where you are living and when you are moving, if it’s not a beautiful day during patio season, the weather could be brutal and dangerous.

Additionally, it is essential to practice caution when moving. There are your personal set of keys and the keys you will be returning – perhaps truck rentals to be protective over. By taking an extra moment throughout your moving day, you can save yourself the trouble of backtracking and loss.

Lastly, you may want to take pictures of your cleaned and empty home for insurance purposes – and possibly even a home photoshoot, just because. That way, you have physical proof of the condition it was left in, in case any rental disagreements occur after the move.

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