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Spring is often considered the most romantic season for several time-tested and arguably scientific reasons. Read any poetry book: there is likely to be a reference to the weather, the flowers, the birds, or the bees. And though spring has just begun, it will soon turn to summer in a city that captures each season like air-tight Mason jars and Bob Ross paintings.

Consequently, many loving couples are wasting no time planning their spring weddings. What makes spring an ideal season and Omaha an ideal city is ultimately up to the beholder. One thing is sure: all the components that make weddings an art and joy are alive and well in this city year-round, ready for your spring wedding.

Bride and Groom kissing
The soft lightness of pastels suggests springtime, and modern sensibilities may have Leonardo Da Vinci to thank.

Capture spring with your attire

Spring recalls bright colors, beautiful yet unpredictable weather, and flowers galore. Many couples will incorporate its vibe, aesthetic, and theme into their wedding attire and may ask others to do the same through color, pattern, and style coordination.

Next, your wedding attire will depend on your level and style of self-expression. But whether the festivities are outside or inside, capture the essence of springtime with spring colors, comfort, and breathable threads.

Brides who have long dreamed of a dramatic “Say Yes to the Dress” experience will find exclusive, dreamy designs and lots of luxurious accoutrements at high-fashion bridal houses like Rhylan Lang, Ready or Knot or Noa Brides. These boutique galleries specialize in making each bride feel like a princess.

If that’s not your style, no problem. There are a dizzying array of options when it comes to shopping for wedding finery, and services such as The Knot can help you locate dependable local sources such as David’s Bridal and Men’s Wearhouse.

But many couples who are looking to save money and wander from the well-trodden retail path to find their dresses, button-ups and pants are choosing to shop second-hand. Those who love the thrill of the hunt and living their “reduce, reuse, recycle” values could score incredible bargains at a high end consignment shop like The Humble Lily or Esther’s Consignment Shop. After all, there is no limit to what you can find amongst countless thrift and consignment shops around Omaha.

Finally, because Omaha weather varies so much, you must prepare for the worst without stressing the weather. Backup umbrellas, rain boots, and jackets are essential, but so is a rain-or-shine attitude.

Wedding flower arrangement
Bridal bouquets can be as spectacular or understated as you choose — anything goes!

Flowers: you want them and spring has them

You might think that because flowers bloom in spring, picking flowers for a spring wedding is simple, right? Well, it can be that and more. It can also be challenging if you do not know about flower preparation or seasonal pricing.

Because flowers wilt away quickly, you should consider seeking assistance from a professional florist who will know how to properly prepare these lovely beasts within one day of the wedding. And thankfully, there are several florists in Omaha to assist with or entirely provide your bouquet and centerpiece arrangement services.

Additionally, the creative, independent, and frugal folks may desire an entirely DIY approach to save on cash and flex their creativity fashioning beautiful arrangements from dried or paper flowers. Keep in mind, though, you can end up spending more money or mishandle the flowers if ill-prepared, and this can inflict day-of turmoil for your nuptial plans.

Lastly, for those not committed to a wholly DIY approach, consider splitting the job between yourself and a professional. Hiring a professional for half of the load is much more reasonable than assuming you can do it all if not unprepared.

Bride with flowers in her hair
Though every season affords an opportunity for florid hairstyles, spring reigns supreme.

Digging your hair is always in-season

Most people share a personal, if not spiritual, experience with their hair, which is why hair design is such a big deal at most weddings. No matter what your hair type or budget is, you can design your hair in a way that makes you feel confident and enhances your wedding experience.

First, many brides would choose to design their hair to complement spring – they might braid it, keep it natural, or add flowers. Coordinating those hairstyles and accessories among different heads of hair is incredibly rewarding and fun, though a tad involved.

And let us not overlook the groom’s grooming! This is the perfect time to splurge on some professional barbering— a fresh haircut, a close shave or beard-shaping, and perhaps a relaxing steam towel treatment will not only feel wonderful (yet manly), he’ll be ready for his closeup in all those wedding pictures!

Moreover, if you wish to hire a professional for your hair, some salons offer discounts for styling several heads at once. That may be the most compelling reason to party at the best beauty salon in Omaha. Or consider individually hiring licensed hairstylists or cosmetologists to work on the wedding party on location for a more flexible experience. Don’t forget local Facebook groups like Weddings Omaha can help you find recommendations on all kinds of local wedding experts, including makeup and hair.

Lastly, if more interested in taking a DIY approach, of course, you can always do what you want at the end of the day. Your hair, or lack thereof, is yours to embrace in any season. Be yourself, dig your hair, and have fun – you almost cannot go wrong.

Live band playing outside
Live group harmonies are always a plus.

Book a live musical artist

Live music can completely change the mood, energy, or vibe of a wedding, and spring is one of the best seasons for outdoor music – to which Omaha is no stranger. But top artists tend to get booked quickly and at a higher cost during this season.

And then comes deciding what you want. Some want a band that can hit all the sweet spots in popular music or one genre or decade specifically. Others only want to hear classical or solo artists for a more intimate atmosphere.

Next, contact different wedding or event planners or hotels that frequently host shindigs. Ask to see some videos of any musical acts they recommend. Ask questions like, how many singers and instrumentalists are in the group, or can you cover this specific song?

Finally, check out Hear Nebraska and KIOS FM for some examples of exciting local artists. After all, you live in Omaha, and you will find a group or someone who will make it all worth it as soon as the first song starts.

Wedding menu and table setting
Much of North America’s asparagus comes from three states – California, Michigan, and Washington.

Get smart with spring dishes

The food bill for a wedding can drive a total wedding cost, but it fluctuates based on your dining decisions. As with any wedding, regardless of season, you must first determine if you will be self-catering or hiring a caterer this spring.

Self-catering saves money but requires intensive work and several sets of hands. Conversely, hiring a rock-star catering company may be more expensive, but it will provide a smoother experience overall, especially given our top-notch catering companies.

Next, consider the food you want to serve. Because many prefer eating lighter portions during spring, consider centralizing greens, vegetables, and fruits, as they are in-season and therefore generally cheaper; they work well in appetizer and soup form. Additionally, buffets tend to be cheaper than plated meals, but having one or two people to serve them can help save food waste, cost, and time spent in line.

Lastly, there are seemingly infinite variables that go into food, the cornerstone of any great wedding. Just remember it will be worth it once your guests leave happy and your food bill does not eclipse all other spring wedding expenses.

Outdoor wedding venue with picnic table
Nebraska is far more than just cornfields – but even those provide a wedding venue with a level of authenticity and artistry.

Choose a timeless venue

There are countless wedding venues to choose from in the Omaha springtime. Outside venues are a seasonal favorite but may require a weather-proof backup strategy. And in addition to the weather, there are several other factors to consider.

First, a non-traditional venue like an art gallery can secure you a great price renting by the hour. Omaha has many galleries, all great and already featuring incredible décor. But even with many non-traditional and DIY approaches, there are several subtle costs to consider.

Specifically, traditional venues generally offer clear all-inclusive packages, so costs are not as likely to sneak up on you. They also account for nearly every aspect like providing, setting up, and tearing down tables, chairs, and potentially even food. So, while they are often more expensive at the outset, they may save you work and money in the end.

Another thing to determine is if you require two venues. Hosting at one location may afford creativity and flexibility, as some let you host half of the wedding inside and the other half outside. If the weather disagrees, host both events inside; but if weather permits, you have the luxury of spreading your ceremony and reception between the two spaces.

Finally, if you and your beloved are feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of venues and the myriad decisions you must make, remember you could opt for a specialized popup or tiny wedding package.

Wedding photography taking picture
“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” – Ansel Adams

Hire a seasoned photographer

On all accounts, spring provides a unique backdrop for any wedding. Chances are you have seen countless great wedding photos from loved ones on social media – as several talented photographers have served Omaha. But how does one find an experienced photographer that can connect with both newlyweds and guests?

First, in the era of social media, it has become easier than ever to find a wedding photographer in Omaha. Additionally, many allow you to freely peruse their portfolio to see both their experience capturing weddings and their overall vibe.

Next, if the pictures resonate with you, reach out and ask to meet them in person. Doing so will afford you a better idea of who you will be working with and iron out any questions or concerns about pricing, venue, and more.

Moreover, note some venues offer wedding packages that provide a photographer. If you do not want to go through sifting through portfolios, this is an option. That might be preferable, given spring is a busy season where photographers get booked up fast.

Wedding stationary with dried flowers
The US market size for stationery products has declined by an average of 1.6% per year between 2016 and 2021.

Refuse to write off stationery costs

Wedding stationery – specifically décor and invitations – can drive cost invisibly. If you have the time to harvest your creativity, you could take a DIY approach to your wedding stationery. But if not, find a local wedding invitation company that can design your place cards and menus.

And then there are invitations and “Save the Date” notifications: not only do they allow your guests to plan for your wedding, but they also set the tone for the wedding experience. Note some employ the environmentally aware, free approach by eliminating paper instead of sending invitations digitally. Still, not everyone can access technology with ease, so consider a mixture of both.

Finally, discern where and how to search. If you are looking for a supplier to customize and supply your stationery needs, note some companies will send you samples to give you a feel for the different paper types and invitation styles. Additionally, several independent bookstores in Omaha have extensive stationery selections.

Wedding cake
The word dessert derives from desservir in French, invented in the seventeenth century to refer to clearing the table.

Don’t forget the dessert

Dessert is a staple of any wedding. And although many catering companies offer wedding packages that include baking an illustrious wedding cake, some do not. Unless you and your spouse have picked out some alternatives to a cake, then it is high time to track down a reliable pro pastry chef who specializes in bespoke cakes or get to baking yourselves.

First, because baking an intricate cake is intensely detailed, it is tough to pull off without being a professional. If you are taking a DIY approach to your cake for budgetary reasons and do not care – then let there be cake. But if one is hoping to construct the statue of David, practice makes perfect.

Next, if you go the traditional decorated cake route, you may not need as much cake as you think. Think of all the bottom tiers of cakes you have seen wasted over the years of weddings – and consider not casting more into the void.

There are many local bakeries who can make your confectionary dreams come true and give you some ideas about offering fun options like a dessert bar, an array of cupcakes, a tower of macaroons or even wedding pie.

Lastly, consider supporting a local vegan dessert shop if you require dessert options for guests with dietary restrictions and refuse to bake each one a tiny vegan or gluten-free cake. Consider doughnuts or pancakes, the breakfast foods that moonlight as desserts. Pick up just a few from a bakery rather than baking a whole new batch.

Wedding rings
Wedding rings go as far back in human history as ancient Greece and Rome.

Ring out the old, ring in the new

Wedding ring shopping can recall anxious feelings. After all, a ring is not only another expense, but it is also the most long-lasting and tangible element of your wedding. Ultimately, you want something that will stand the test of time while not breaking the bank.

Moreover, if you do not want a traditional diamond ring, there are several options. You can find vast selections of hand-made and custom rings carefully crafted by talented artists and small businesses in Omaha, by word of mouth and social media, and sites like Etsy.

If you have your heart set upon the traditional diamond ring, there are plenty of quality jewelry stores in town, with some specializing in engagement rings and wedding bands specifically. Note some folks who prefer to buy used, estate, or vintage rings for ethical and environmental reasons.

Lastly, if you are looking to save some money and not afraid to stray from tradition, consider getting only one ring. After all, skipping an engagement ring in the conventional sense could mean freeing up funds for, say, the honeymoon.

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Subscribe to and become a supporting member to keep locally owned news alive. We need to pay writers, so you can read even more. We won’t waste your time, our news will focus, as it always has, on the stories other media miss and a cultural community — from arts to foods to local independent business — that defines us. Please support your locally-owned news media by becoming a member today.

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