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Where to Vote in Omaha’s 2021 General Election

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Happy National Twilight Zone Day

Picture if you will an alien life form reading today’s news: Omaha Metro Transit offers free rides to the polls for today’s general election, more than half of Douglas County residents over 16 are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and Nebraska lawmakers support cryptocurrency services at state banks.

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Around Omaha

  • Omaha Metro Transit is offering free rides to the polls for today’s general election. This is Metro Transit’s third Bus to Ballot initiative, and it plans to continue the program for future elections.
  • Douglas County health officials announce more than half of county residents over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated. Douglas County Health Director Dr. Adi Pour says, “This is a tremendous step forward in our efforts to return to normal.”
  • Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan is stopping in Omaha on Nov. 4 for The Fun Tour. Tickets for his performance at the CHI Health Center will be available at noon on May 14.  
  • A youth soccer coach from Omaha is arrested on suspicion of child enticement, according to the Sarpy County Attorney’s Office. If convicted, he faces a minimum sentence of three years in prison and a maximum sentence of 50 years behind bars.

Around Nebraska

  • Nebraska lawmakers give initial approval to a bill that would allow state banks to offer cryptocurrency services to customers who own Bitcoin and other digital assets. If the bill passes, Nebraska would be the second state to create a formal charter for cryptobanks. 
  • Nearly half of Nebraska’s population 16 and older is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. More than 1.5 million doses of the vaccine have been administered across the state.
  • A debate over proposed chicken barns in northwestern Lancaster County goes to court. The people opposed are concerned about the location of the barns, just a mile away from Raymond Central Junior and Senior High.

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Omaha Spring Wedding Guide
Book a Live Musical Act

Live music can change the mood, energy, or vibe of a wedding, and spring is one of the best seasons for outdoor music – to which Omaha is no stranger. But top artists tend to get booked quickly and at a higher cost during this season.

And then comes deciding what you want. Some want a band that can hit all the sweet spots in popular music or specifically one genre or decade. Others want to hear only classical or solo artists for a more intimate atmosphere.

Contact wedding or event planners or hotels that frequently host shindigs. Ask to see videos of any musical acts they recommend. Ask questions: How many singers and instrumentalists are in the group, or can they cover a specific song?

Check out Hear Nebraska and KIOS FM for examples of local artists. After all, you live in Omaha, and you will find a group or someone who will make it all worth it as soon as the first song starts. (https://brownshvac.net/)

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