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Reimagine What Food Can Do: For These Omahans, It’s About Community

Throughout July, The Reader and El Perico will highlight four Omahans and their local food businesses. Each week will bring a new story about the visionary leaders behind Little Ve’s, Grainolia, Ital Vital Living and Nice Rollz. (https://escapecitybuffalo.com/)

First up is “Meet the ‘Vegan Demon’ Making Omaha a Destination for Vegan Latin Food,” written by Bridget Fogarty for El Perico.

Whoops! On Friday, Reed Moore accidentally linked the wrong article and credited the incorrect author. Here’s the correct link to Bridget Fogarty’s “Omaha: Affordable Foods Still in Crisis.”

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Happy National Simplicity Day!

Today’s news wishes everyone an uncomplicated life: A local Burger King sign that reads “WE ALL QUIT” goes viral, here’s how to get help following the weekend storm, and Lozier Corporation’s former chair and CEO dies.

~ Harper’s Index Facts of The Day ~

  1. Percentage change since 1953 in the frequency with which the Supreme Court rules in favor of religious rights: +76
  2. Percentage of judges who have ruled in federal cases to allow religious gatherings despite COVID-19 restrictions: 38
  3. Of Republican-appointed judges who have done so: 66
  4. Of Democratic-appointed judges: 0

Sources: 1. Lee Epstein, Washington University in St. Louis; 2-4. Zalman Rothschild, Stanford Law School (CA)

Around Omaha

Around Nebraska

  • A Burger King sign close to 59th and Havelock in Lincoln reads “WE ALL QUIT” and “SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.” It’s gone viral on social media.
  • Learn about the Nebraska Legislature’s new cryptocurrency bill: the Nebraska Financial Innovation Act.
  • Read about Venice, Nebraska, the tourist town that never came to fruition.

This Week in Your Local Government

  • Annexation Package: The Omaha City Council will vote on Mayor Jean Stothert’s 2021 annexation package during Tuesday’s meeting. The package includes Whispering Ridge West, southeast of 180th and Maple streets; Northridge, northwest of 180th & Pacific streets; and an area adjacent to 156th and Fort streets.
  • Park rules: Last week, the Omaha Parks Department included an amendment to City Park rules to keep city trails open 24 hours a day. The Council delayed voting on park rules after transit advocates requested that trails be recognized as transportation.
  • Address requirement: Under current rules of order, members of the public are required to state their address before speaking in front of the City Council. The Council will vote on an amendment that would create a process to waive that requirement for the sake of privacy. A citizen could submit a form to the City Clerk’s office no later than 4:30 p.m. the Monday prior to a meeting.
  • Health and Human Services Committee: The Douglas County Board of Commissioners will not meet on Tuesday for its regular meeting. However, the Board’s Health and Human Services Committee will meet Thursday at 1:30 p.m. to provide updates on COVID-19 assistance and recovery.

See the full Omaha City Council agenda for Tuesday, July 13.

Reed Moore’s Things To Do

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Discover North O!

~ North O! Art & Events ~
African Cultural Festival

  • Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021
  • 2 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Stinson Park (2285 S. 67th St.)
  • Tickets: $10

Presented by Afromaha, the African Cultural Festival is an annual event that honors Omaha’s growing population of African refugees and immigrants. Omaha is home to one of the largest populations of South Sudanese immigrants in the country, and the festival has grown to be a celebration of multiple African countries and cultures.

For the rest of July, Reed Moore will feature one item each day from Mark McGaugh’s Discover North O! guide.

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