We are in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 – Oct. 15) and there are many ways to celebrate histories and cultures. Here’s a list of local events planned throughout the holiday to be part of the Latino culture.

Whimsical Day of the Dead skeletons and skulls are a playful symbol of life after death. Photo El Museo Latino Facebook Page

El Museo Latino

“Aliento a Tequila” or The Spirit of Tequila

This exhibition explores and celebrates the landscape, culture, and traditions that gave birth to tequila, Mexico’s mestizo national drink. Open through Saturday, Oct. 23. Admission is free.

Day of the Dead / Día de los Muertos

Share the “ofrenda” to your lost loved ones, combining elements from indigenous Aztec and Christian traditions. You can use flowers, candles, incense, candy, favorite foods, and special bread called “pan de muertos.” From October 16 – November 19.
Workshops, $6 per person:

October 23, 11:30am – Paint a skull

Nov 6, 11:30am – Papel Picado

Learn more about the Day of the Dead with Bridget Fogarty’s story, As Pandemic Continues, Día de los Muertos Can Help Omaha Grieve.


Saul Flores, UNO’s Hispanic Heritage Month Keynote Speaker
Do not miss the story of Saul Flores who walked 5,328 miles through ten countries to document how grueling and dangerous the journey of immigrants to the United States can be.

October 12 at 6 pm in Thompson Alumni Center Centennial Hall, 6705 Dodge St. or vía zoom. Check our website.

Omaha Public Libraries

Booklist called Ferrer’s book “a powerful testament to a people’s artistic legacy.” This book is available at the Washington and Abrahams branches of OPL.

Go into the fascinating Hispanic world with the books offered at the Omaha Public Libraries. You can check in their website for a complete list of recommendations. Here are some of the titles they suggest:

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