Looking Deeper Into Statements of Saint Francis Ministries and DHHS Under Oath

Dive into the controversy with journalist Emily Chen-Newton.

Full story in NOISE Omaha. Republished in The Reader.

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Use Your Common Sense Day

Today’s news laments the scarcity of this attribute during these turbulent times: Omaha activist Bear Alexander is charged with six felonies in New York City, union leaders refuse Kellogg’s’ “Last Best Final Offer,” and State Attorney General Doug Peterson releases a report about clergy sexual assault that involves all three of Nebraska’s dioceses.

Harper’s Index Facts of the Day

  1. Chance that U.S. workers believe their jobs do not make a meaningful contribution to the world: 1 in 5
  2. Percentage of American office workers who have cried on the job: 45

Sources: 1. YouGov (NYC); 2. Robert Half (Menlo Park, Calif.)

For nationwide COVID-19 case and
vaccination trends, click here.

Around Omaha

Around Nebraska

  • Red Cloud’s National Willa Cather Center is spotlighting the work of 11 Native American artists.
  • State health officials say they’re planning to receive 64,200 initial doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5 – 11.
  • The biggest YMCA in the U.S. is in Fremont, and the second-biggest is in Norfolk, according to KMTV.
  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln says it’s seeking a more racially diverse campus.
  • “The depth of physical and psychological harm caused by the perpetrators, and the decades of failure by the church to safeguard so many child victims, is unfathomable”: State Attorney General Doug Peterson releases a report about clergy sexual assault that involves all three of Nebraska’s dioceses, according to WOWTClick here to read more, including a statement from Peterson.

Reed Moore’s Thing To Do: 
Pressing Matters

Maple St. Construct ends its 2021 season with an
exhibition by its latest artist-in-resident, Francesco Siqueiros.

Feature by Janet Farber. Published in The Reader.

Find art content here, and check out local guides here. As the delta variant spreads through the community, remember to get fully vaccinated and mask up — even if you’re fully vaxxed — before going to shows.

The Daily Funny

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