Drew Healy, “Untitled,” 2019, inkjet print

In a world of increasing connectivity, is it any wonder that you might be given pause to consider what info you project from within the private inner sanctum of home? Are your devices friend or foe? Those questions appear to weigh on Providence, RI, artist Drew Healy, whose exhibition in Omaha will open at Baader-Meinhof on Friday, Nov. 12 with a public reception from 6-10 pm.

Working with photography, sculpture and sound, Healy will present a series of images documenting antenna-like sculptures, the physical vestiges of “surveillance” now also carried on wirelessly or algorithmically by our phones, apps, virtual assistants, doorbell cams and the like. 

Using raw materials including copper wire, PVC tubing, untreated wood beams and found materials, Healy’s assemblages read along a line between DIY home improvement works in progress and alien intrusions into the domestic environment. Their disquieting presence and uncertain function suggests that their monitoring activity may be for purposes broader than those which we may have imagined.

Drew Healy runs from Nov. 12-Dec. 10 at Baader-Meinhof, with a public reception on Friday, Nov. 12 from 6-10pm. The gallery is located at 1322 S. (riverbendresort.us) 6th Street and is open Mon.-Sat. from 12-6pm. At this time, the gallery is still requesting visits by appointment by emailing info@baader-meinhof.org.

Information on the exact dates and opening comes from an email from the venue operator. Please note that if you go to the venue webpage, www.baader-meinhof.org, you will see the date of the show listed as 11/21. That is November 2021, per the director, and meant to be a general date for those who like to plan ahead and are in the know that his openings happen on second Fridays of the month.

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