Unions Strengthen as Workers Rise Up

Around the country, the labor market is tightening — and nowhere more so than Nebraska, which leads the nation in lowest unemployment. In low-wage industries, in which immigrants dominate the workforce, labor shortages are forcing employers to the bargaining table, and empowered workers are banding together to demand change.

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Human Rights Day

Today’s news urges us all to treat every person with the right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness: In a unanimous decision, a federal court jury finds Chadron State College failed to support a student raped on campus, a third of teachers who responded to a Nebraska State Education Association survey plan to stop teaching at the school year’s close, and state employees knew Nebraska would foot the bill for deploying troopers to the Texas-Mexico border during the summer, according to correspondence acquired by the Omaha World-Herald.

Harper’s Index Fact of the Day

Amount West Virginia will pay prospective residents to move to the state: $12,000

Source: Brad and Alys Smith Outdoor Economic
Development Collaborative (Morgantown, W. Va.)

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Around Omaha

  • Check out NOISE Omaha‘s coverage of this year’s Girls Inc. “Lunch for the Girls” fundraiser, featuring a keynote speech by Dr. Mae Jemison, the first Black woman to go to space.
  • The Nebraska-based Scooter’s Coffee, which has locations throughout Omaha, is expanding to South Carolina.
  • Learn about Zuri and Me, an Etsy shop founded by Omahan Shinnice Preston to help her cope following infant loss.
  • Teenage suicide attempts and deaths are on the rise in Omaha.
  • As Omaha braces for winter weather, there’s a shortage of snow-plow drivers.
  • In 2013, a retired Omaha city worker died. Eight years later, the City of Omaha civilian pension fund was still doling out monthly payments, adding up to over $118,000. Reed Moore about the investigation here.

Around Nebraska

  • “This is a crisis”: A survey from the Nebraska State Education Association shows schools are short-staffed, teachers are more stressed than last year, student behavior problems are increasing, and a third of respondents plan to stop teaching at the school year’s close.
  • Remember how the state deployed troopers to the Texas-Mexico border during the summer? At the time, spokespeople said there was a chance Nebraska would receive a reimbursement — but, according to correspondence acquired by the Omaha World-Heraldstate employees knew Nebraska would foot the bill.
  • “If they have to pay $300,000, every time that they tell a rape victim that she’s going to have to fend for herself, instead of removing the perpetrator from campus, that’s going to add up over time”: In a unanimous decision, a federal court jury finds Chadron State College failed to support a student raped on campus. Nebraska Public Media reporters Elizabeth Rembert and Bill Kelly, who’ve reported on the case since it started, offer insight on what happened and what comes next.
  • The City of Lincoln will devote $6 million to build affordable housing.
  • Nebraska is jumping on the plant-based meat bandwagon, according to an Independent deep dive.
  • The Huskers’ bowling team has 13 national championship titles, from 1990 – 2021. Now, the team says, it needs a fan base.

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