(Originally published Jan. 11, 2022)

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A Resource Guide for
Low-Income Families

From subsidized child care to parenting education classes, 
key services for caregivers and kids are available.

By Leah Cates. Published in Omaha Jobs and The Reader (print edition).

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Happy National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

Today’s news encourages us to summon our inner child, don rubber boots and slickers, and have a blast: Douglas County Health Director Lindsay Huse issues a temporary indoor mask mandate for Omaha, Gov. Pete Ricketts is invoking the South Platte River Compact, which is almost one century old, and Symone Sanders, an Omaha native and former top spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris, will host two shows on MSNBC.

Harper’s Index Facts of the Day

  1. Percentage of Americans who think that not having the newest iPhone is a sign of financial struggle: 15
  2. Portion of Americans willing to go into debt for a new iPhone: 1/5

Source: WalletHub (Washington)

Reed Moore’s COVID-19 Roundup

As announced in the Wednesday, Dec. 29, bonus newsletter, in light of the Omicron variant, Reed Moore will replace the “Thing To Do” section with a COVID-19 spotlight featuring coronavirus-related content. The Reader believes it’s irresponsible to promote events when hospitals are nearing capacity, some community members refuse to get vaccinated and Omaha still doesn’t have a mask mandate. As cases continue, The Reader won’t promote any events — be they concerts, plays, art-gallery openings or stand-up comedy — that don’t require masks, vaccination and social distancing.

For nationwide COVID-19 case
and vaccination trends, click here.

Around Omaha

  • Symone Sanders, an Omaha native and former top spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris, is joining MSNBC, for which
  • she’ll host two shows.
  • In 1923, Colorado and Nebraska made a compact to construct canals in Colorado that let water flow to Nebraska. Almost a century later, Gov. Pete Ricketts is invoking the South Platte River Compact.  
  • “I have decided to focus on the next stage of life“: Lindsay Peterson, coach of Millard North volleyball, steps down.  
  • Lydia Kang, a Nebraska Medicine physician and author, discusses her most recent book — Patient Zero: A Curious History of the World’s Worst Diseases — on Riverside Chats.

Around Nebraska

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The Omaha City Council and Board of County Commissioners are meeting today, and reporter Anton Johnson is sitting in on the City Council meeting.

Follow Anton at @AntonIsWriting for live tweets, and to catch up on important items from today’s agendas. Tune in here to the Omaha City Council at 2 p.m.

The Daily Funny

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