• January 30
  • Worst Party Ever with Thank You, I’m Sorry
  • 8 p.m. | $12-15
  • Reverb Lounge
Worst Party Ever hails from Seattle, Washington while Thank You I’m Sorry is from Chicago, Illinois.

Fans of the emo revival can find a lot to love in these two righteously named brooding bands.

Worst Party Ever recently dropped a stellar album entitled Dartland. The opening track, “Prism on a Window,” richly captures the band delivering emotional vocals, enamoring drum patterns, and twinkly riffs.

Thank You, I’m Sorry, who put out their last record, I’m Glad We’re Friends, in 2020, offers an instinctual knack for melody and energy.

Tickets are $12 advanced, $15 day of show.

— Matt Casas

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