(Originally published Feb. 8, 2022)

Docs To Pregnant Nebraskans: Trust Us on Vaccine, Not Facebook Falsehoods

 Pregnant people who aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19 can incur serious health repercussions from the virus — potential tragedies that,
according to doctors, are mostly avoidable.

By Roseann Moring. Originally published in Flatwater Free Press. 
Republished in The Reader.

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Happy National Kite-Flying Day

Today’s news hopes that, as you channel Ben Franklin, the wind is brisk and always at your back: Quiet title laws throughout the Midwest disproportionately harm homeowners from marginalized communities, some of the first coronavirus-positive people in the U.S. came to Nebraska to quarantine two years ago, and trade missions will go from Nebraska to the Middle East, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Harper’s Index Fact of the Day

Average number of U.S. oil spills reported in the Gulf of Mexico each month: 25

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Silver Spring, Md.)

Reed Moore’s COVID-19 Roundup

As announced in the Wednesday, Dec. 29, bonus newsletter, in light of the Omicron variant, Reed Moore will replace the “Thing To Do” section with a COVID-19 spotlight featuring coronavirus-related content. The Reader believes it’s irresponsible to promote events when hospitals are nearing capacity and some community members refuse to get vaccinated. As cases continue, The Reader won’t promote any events — be they concerts, plays, art-gallery openings or stand-up comedy — that don’t require
masks, vaccination and social distancing.

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This Week in Your Local Government:
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Photo credit: Chris Bowling

The City Council and Board of Commissioners are meeting today,
and reporter Anton Johnson is sitting in on the City Council meeting.

Follow Anton at @AntonIsWriting for live tweets and to catch up on important Omaha government happenings. Tune in here to the Omaha City Council at 2 p.m.

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