The Plays and Playwrights:

8 Wheels for Betty by Robert J. Nutt
Assumed Positions by Natyna Bean
Can’t Hold Water by Margo L. Rofé
Oakland Society of Supernatural Beings by Christian St. Croix
Hairy Girls Face the End of the World by Isabella Martinez
Pearl by Jocelyn Reed
White Iris by linda maria girón

UNO Theatre presents Crossing the Street: A Festival of Many Voices, the first production of 2022. In America, we “Cross the Street” to avoid difficult dialogues, but we also cross to engage them. What adventure could be bigger than sharing what we experience, or examining what we don’t know?

A unique student-directed performance project, Crossing the Street is a festival of short plays, poetry, and art designed to give opportunities to performers across a range of ethnicities, ages, and the gender spectrum.

Live performances in the Weber Fine Arts Theatre, 6505 University Drive South Omaha, NE 68182.

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