The Pandemic Accelerates
a Wave of White Flight in OPS

Many big cities grapple with declining student enrollments. But in Omaha’s largest public school district, the racial divide between who leaves and who stays is stark. Bridget Fogarty, The Reader/El Perico’s Report for America Corps member, writes for The Hechinger Report, a national nonprofit newsroom
covering innovation and inequality in education.

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Harper’s Index Facts of the Day

  1. Percentage decrease between 2019 and 2020 in the value of the wellness industry: 11
  2. Portion of U.S. adults who say their physical health is “excellent”: 1/4

Sources: Global Wellness Institute (Miami); Gallup (Washington)

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Happy Vaccination Day

Today’s news hopes you’ve already been vaccinated and boostered. But if not, click the “Be COVID Aware” graphic below to schedule a free vaccine appointment: Agrochemical contamination in Nebraska’s water might be killing children, one of USA TODAY’s Women of the Year is Carmen Tapio, founder and CEO of the largest Black-owned business in Nebraska, and Lt. Gov. Mike Foley endorses GOP gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster, much to the chagrin of Gov. Pete Ricketts — Foley’s boss — who says Herbster would be “a terrible governor.”

Reed Moore’s COVID-19 Roundup

5.8% of Douglas County residents are partially vaccinated.

For nationwide COVID-19 case
and vaccination trends, click here.

Around Omaha

Around Nebraska

  • Lt. Gov. Mike Foley endorses GOP gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster, much to the chagrin of Gov. Pete Ricketts — Foley’s boss — who says Herbster would be “a terrible governor.” Ricketts is endorsing Republican Jim Pillen.
  • The state’s unemployment rate is the lowest in Nebraska history and is tied with Utah for lowest in the U.S.
  • Latest in the Legislature: More property tax relief might be added to a bill that would decrease state income taxes. The Judiciary Committee votes not to move forward three bills that would restrict or ban abortion. As lawmakers debate the budget plan, they discuss Nebraska’s prison overcrowding crisis. Nebraska plans to put aside $60 million to quell pandemic-related learning loss, according to Gov. Pete Ricketts.

This Week in Your Local Government

Photo credit: Chris Bowling

The Omaha City Council meets to approve a preliminary plat for a redevelopment at Saddle Creek Road and Pacific Street, in addition to a half-million dollar agreement with HDR Architecture to design improvements
at the new library locations.

Read local government reporter Anton Johnson’s full article for The Reader here.

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