In the bleak early days of the pandemic, a simple desire to get out of the house led to a happy accident. Roaming the streets of Omaha, the Instagrammer known as @murals_of_Omaha said, “I noticed we had a lot of great murals around town. I wanted to share the art and artists with others.”

Today, the anonymous account’s 1200+ followers can peep the freshest public street art created by professional and amateur local creatives on walls all over the city. Many works offer social commentary alongside aesthetic beauty. (Ativan)

Follow @murals_of_omaha_ for “A collection of murals and street art found in and around Omaha, NE.”

You don’t have to leave home to enjoy it, but the goal was actually to encourage locals to get “out of their cars to walk around and enjoy the art like I have,” said the creator. And raising awareness of these neighborhood gems could encourage people to subconsciously anticipate finding art wherever they go.

With thanks to @murals_of_omaha for their permission to share, here are a few of the most recent murals that the account has featured.

Read more about Omaha murals: “Painting the Town” by Janet Farber (May 3, 2022)

Editor’s note: Artist information not included on the original Instagram posts was updated 5/16/22 courtesy of Janet Farber.

“Marlon Brando,” Vinton and Elm Street

Artists Dan Crane and Muck Rock. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

Social Justice Murals, 24th Ave & Farnam

A Benson First Friday project, lead artists include Trudy Swanson, Sarah Rowe, Alex Jochim, Sarah Hummel Jones, Brian Tait, Ally Nelson and Mary Ensz. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

Millwork Common, 13th and Nicholas

Artists Rachel Ziegler and Patty Talbert. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

“A Queen’s Legacy,” 2442 N. 24 St.

Artist A.D. Swolley. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

“Diversability,” Benson alley art

Artists Mike Giron with Lisa Kalantjakos, Paula Wallace and Natalie Linstrom. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

“Black American Community Mural,” 3003 Q Street

Artists are Barber with Zaleski and Jennifer Young. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

Graffitti Art, 26th and Harney

Artist  @stuck_in_da_90s. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

“Untitled,” 2417 Burdette St.

Mural with male and female silhouettes by artists Alicia Reyes McNamara and Betni Kalk, painted at the original location of the Union for Contemporary Art, which commissioned the mural. Now home to the St. Martin de Porres Food Pantry. Other artists unknown. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

31st and Leavenworth, Jackson Elementary

Artists Jackson Elementary School students. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

“From Land to the Sea I Gotta Be Me,” 51st and Pine

Many volunteer artists. Photos courtesy of @murals_of_omaha

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