Heather Hart, “Untitled,” 2020, wood, paper, watercolor, ink, mineral, metal leaf

The Union for Contemporary Art welcomes Brooklyn-based artist Heather Hart to recontextualize the Wanda D. Ewing Gallery with her installation “The Texture of the Weave,” opening to the public on July 30.

A symbiotic follow-up to UCA’s 3-year program “Undesign the Redline” that encouraged the community to recognize and reshape historical city housing practices, Hart references domestic and civic architecture as a jumping off point for framing new interactions with the urban environment.

Creating pathways and labyrinths, Hart aims to redraw the relationships between built spaces and the body, interweaving the new and the familiar. Hart works as an intermediary, translating the physical and power structures of architecture into an experiential language that prompts discovery of and beyond the object itself.

The Union for Contemporary Art is located at 2423 N. 24th Street. Gallery hours are Tues-Thurs, 1-8pm, and Fri-Sat, 10am-5pm. At this time, no opening reception is scheduled; check the UCA Facebook page for updates.

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