Your home is likely your most valuable asset. And when it comes to your most valuable asset, you want to give it the best care possible. Fortunately, that care is at your fingertips.

For over 65 years, Eyman Plumbing, Heating & Air has been offering top-level service with its big red trucks. The big red trucks have become synonymous with quality care for your home, not only because of the best equipment, but even more importantly, because of the people inside. Eyman has the best trained HVAC techs in the Omaha metro area. This is because Eyman has invested time, money and energy in ensuring every one of their HVAC techs is highly trained and ready to tackle the most difficult challenges your home can produce.

HVAC tech training program

All of Eyman’s HVAC techs are trained through a five-year program, resulting in expert technicians in the field of home repair. This program, provided by Steamfitters & Plumbers Local Union 464, is through the only federally certified facility in the region, and it is backed by over 100 years of HVAC experience, from the largest industrial operations to the smallest homes.

The faculty at the training facility have over 60 years of combined HVAC experience. The HVAC industry is continually updating, though, which is why this also includes 40 hours of continuing education required every year, ensuring they stay current with always changing technology and repair methods. All of this knowledge is passed on to every HVAC tech working for Eyman Plumbing, Heating & Air.

Many companies only give their managers and owners a full training package along with license and certification, but Eyman believes so strongly in proper education for employees that they are willing to send every one of their HVAC techs through this rigorous training program. Every HVAC tech is also licensed and certified. Fewer than 10 percent of applicants are accepted into this program, and the apprenticeship takes 1,650 hours on the job and 220 hours in the classroom.

This extensive level of skill and training allows Eyman’s HVAC techs to offer repairs before replacement whenever possible, saving homeowners time and money. Technicians with less experience and skill would be more likely to encourage customers to replace expensive products because they are unable to complete the repair. They have the training and experience to knowledgeably work on any make or model and to give you the best recommendations for your home.

The Eyman Way

One thing Eyman techs are not trained in is how to sell to customers. Instead, Eyman’s techs learn “The Eyman Way”: Treat every customer like family and do the job right the first time. This involves the old-fashioned method of simply being honest, standing by and guaranteeing your work and earning a fair price for hard work.

The techs working at Eyman are prepared to handle the largest municipal and infrastructure projects in the Omaha area—from Nebraska Crossing, Legacy and Village Pointe to Shadowlake, Countryside Village and Rockbrook, to Blackstone, Midtown Crossing, the Capitol District and the Old Market, to their most important customer, you and your home.

Your local HVAC partner

Eyman has served nearly everyone in the area, from some of the largest establishments such as Fortune 500 companies and large educational systems to the locally owned businesses that help define the Omaha community and its surrounding metro. Eyman’s HVAC techs have provided their excellent services everywhere from Council Bluffs to Gretna and Bennington and everything in between—Elkhorn, Louisville, La Vista, Papillion and Bellevue, including their civic centers, libraries, schools and parks.

Some examples of the wonderful local organizations Eyman has been able to help include the Bemis Arts Center, M’s Pub, Overland Sheepskin, Ted & Wally’s and Upstream Brewing in the Old Market; the Joslyn Castle and the Cottonwood Hotel in Blackstone; Pitch Restaurant and Film Streams Theater in Dundee; 1912 in Benson; and the Alamo Drafthouses in Midtown Crossing and La Vista, to name just a few of the thousands of businesses served.

When it comes to your most valuable asset, you should give it the best care possible. That care is available to you, and has been for over 65 years. Eyman Plumbing, Heating & Air’s quality services, big red trucks and best trained techs are a part of the Omaha metro community. For over 65 years, Omaha and the surrounding communities know they can “trust the big red truck.”

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