• Tacoberfest
  • Scriptown Brewing Co. 39th and Farnam
  • Friday Sept 9
  • 5 pm to midnight
  • $5 cover, all ages welcome

A fest is the best when it combines the international languages of beer, food and music.

Tacoberfest, hosted by Scriptown Brewing Company, promises a night of cross-cultural fun with plenty of Scriptown’s classic, traditional-style beer and live music in their beer garden by South Omaha polka icons Sheelytown and Los Suprimos Mariachi.

Margaritas, churros, Bavarian pretzels and MULA tacos (carnitas or Güten Taco) will also be available for purchase.

Check out the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/422890846283962

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