“Alcohol was my medicine” Trisha Gurnett, mixed media, 2020. Part of “Recovery” on display at the BFF Gallery for December.

Trisha Gurnett, a visual artist from South Omaha, focuses on her journey to recovery from addiction, in her exhibit at BFF Gallery, which opens December 2, including “the dark and uncomfortable parts.”

“As an addict in recovery from alcohol, fear of being vulnerable has been a barrier to my healing,” Gurnett said in her show statement. “Art has been my method in expressing these complex feelings with others. The works in this show will examine my own personal struggles, as well as share the viewpoints of other addicts on their own journeys to recovery.”

‘Recovery’ opens December 2, from 6-9 p.m. at BFF Gallery. For more details and gallery hours go to https://www.bffomaha.org/gallery.html

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