• Bartees Strange, Pom Pom Squad, and They Hate Change
  • December 15
  • $18-$20
  • Slowdown

Dig music that pushes the boundaries and uplifts.

Bartees Strange will play a rad show at the Slowdown on December 15 alongside Pom Pom Squad and They Hate Change.

Supporting his 2020 breakout record, “Live Forever,” the England-to-Oklahoma transplant Bartees Strange continues to make an international splash.

With their smooth indie-soul fusion, chances are you will find his band’s sunny, melancholic sound quite refreshing.

And openers Pom Pom Squad and They Hate Change shine just as brightly!

The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $18-$20 before fees.

— Matt Casas

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