Fair Deal

Jackson’s Fair Deal Cafe hosted a soft opening over the weekend at Fair Deal Village Marketplace. After Saturday’s test launch, the establishment anticipates an April 12 opening. Fair Deal Village Marketplace is located at 2221 North 24th street. The establishment has undergone numerous iterations since the original conception in 1954, but the newest venture brings with it the rich history and deep impact of its predecessors, and will be a welcome addition to The Village!

Legends Cafe

Legends Cafe at 501 S Main in Council Bluffs has regretfully announced via social media that the establishment will be closing their doors April 30th. Owners are accepting serious inquiries to take the helm, but invites all past and present customers to come by and share a few final memories before the impending closure.


Image is an empty room under construction, new floor has been laid and a partial red brick wall is in place. An orange support beam stands just inside frame, with an ordering window constructed in the background.

April 18th will serve as Pause Coffee Shop’s grand opening at 7515 Main street in Ralston. I’m not sure how much positive attention I want to give this new opening, as the way they got my attention was via April Fool’s joke where they advertised as Omaha’s first Caffeine-Free coffee shop. Now I’m sitting here with a sharpened pitchfork and nowhere to go. As it is, I’ll likely stop in because caffeine addiction is real and the staff at my nearest coffee shop is starting to ask questions. Additionally, because this place has been trying its hardest to open since November, and that amount of determination must be applauded.

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