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Today’s Highlights:

  • The final debate for a controversial bill that combines limits on gender-affirming care and a 12-week abortion ban is set for today, May 19.
  • A sustainable farm in Nebraska shares its secrets on… salmon farming? The 100,000-gallon system features geothermal heating, circulates water through recycled grain silos and uses salmon waste to grow salad greens.
  • Lawmakers pass the state budget, but include criminal justice reform some say is necessary to avoid building two prisons instead of one.

Winging It

Sink your teeth into this list of the 10 best wings Omaha has to offer.

By Sara Locke. Published in The Reader.


Around Omaha

With school letting out for summer, YouTurn, a youth violence prevention program, is spreading a message of peace, safety and harmony it hopes kids will carry over the next few months.

As the Omaha Mobile Stage reinvigorates a long history of traveling performances in the metro, Omaha World-Herald columnist Sheritha Jones takes a look at the legacy of its predecessor, the Goodfellows Show Wagon.

Westside Community Schools board member Doug Krenzer dies of a rare form of Leukemia. He was 51.

A male elephant is on its way out of Omaha as it heads to a Kansas zoo to promote conservation efforts. The 22-year-old African elephant named Callee is heading to Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita to help preserve his endangered species.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to get the updated booster shot before heading to any of these events.

Around Nebraska


  • The state budget passes to Gov. Jim Pillen’s desk with a few changes — including criminal justice reforms such as requiring the state to study inmate classifications, staffing needs and its rehab programs. Advocates say reform is necessary to avoid building an additional prison to the one senators just allocated $366 million to build.
  • The final debate for a bill that would limit gender-affirming care and ban abortion after 12 weeks will take place today, May 19.
  • last-minute amendment proposes allowing abortions 12 weeks after fertilization. The current bill restricts them to 12 weeks after a missed period. The amendment would also add exceptions for fetal anomalies that would result in the death of the fetus within three months. Lastly, it would specify rules and regulations minors must meet to receive gender-affirming care, except genital surgeries.
  • KETV looks into what will happen if the gender-affirming care and abortion ban bill is passed.

One family plans on harvesting 25 tons of salmon each year — in Nebraska. A Nebraska City family has built one of two freshwater Atlantic Salmon farms in the nation, a system that includes 100,000 gallons of water that circulates through recycled grain silos.

From Hebron, Nebraska, to war-torn Saigon, Beverly Deepe Keever spent years chronicling the Vietnam War and became the United States’ longest-serving correspondent in the war.

Fact of the Day

From Harper’s Index

Year in which Japan’s population began to decline: 2011

Source: Statistics Bureau of Japan (Tokyo)


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