Founded and owned by Omar Garrido, The Churro Spot opened first as a food truck in April 2016.

Garrido—originally from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico—got the idea to open The Churro Spot after traveling to Juarez, Mexico, in 2015. There, he saw the churro stand in a mall packed with Americans lining up to snack and correctly figured that Omaha needed its own churro powerhouse.

In those early days, Garrido—who comes from a long lineage of hard-working food service employees—worked 90-hour weeks, running The Churro Spot part-time in the nights after working days at his full-time job.

Together, alongside his wife at the time, Hannah Garrido, and their daughter, 13-year-old Mariah Garrido, the family got the company rolling.

The Churro Spot’s appeal was quickly apparent—even more so after participating in the Nebraska Food Truck Wars in Plattsmouth, NE, where the business won second place out of 35 participants.

The business was even spotlighted on Channel 7 News for its homemade horchata, flying off the shelves at ten different local Hyvees and referred to as liquid gold, offering some much-needed joy to the people of Omaha during the peak of the pandemic.

Fueled by the success of the truck, The Churro Spot opened a sister restaurant in February 2022 to accommodate demand.

Although not a typical Mexican restaurant, The Churro Spot offers delicious tacos, tortas, burritos, enchiladas, tamales, churros, and more.

The Churro Spot offers some of the best carne asada tacos in town—hand-made and seasoned with love—in addition to acclaimed fish, al pastor, chicken, cachete, carnitas, and sweet potato tacos.

The Churro Spot offers traditional cinnamon sugar, Bavarian cream, oreo-flavored, carjeta, and raspberry churros. The business is also beloved for its elote and corn-in-a-cup dishes.

Garrido and crew pride themselves on providing quality for its loyal fanbase, and they have their sights set on many more years of serving delicious meals and snacks to Omaha.

If you have a hankering for out-of-this-world authentic Mexican food, visit The Churro Spot at 1319 S. 50th St. off of 50th and Saddle Creek, or call (531) 999-1795.

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